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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
There are some common misconceptions regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and some of these can make people nervous about participating in this wonderful relaxing state. I have found that one of the few things that prohibit someone from entering into hypnosis is FEAR, (False, Expectations, Appearing, Real). It is my pledge to provide each of my clients with all the information that they desire to allow them to achieve their goals, with enthusiasm and excitement in embarking upon the real, "Final Frontier", helping each of them find their own greatness within!

Will the Hypnotist be able to control my mind?
No one can control your mind, unless you let them. Your Hypnotherapist will give you suggestions that you want to be given, based upon the Pre-Hypnotic Interview. At no point during your session will you lose control of your mind. If you hear a suggestion that you don't agree with, or don't understand, your subconscious mind will automatically reject that suggestion. Hypnosis is a "mutual consent state of mind", which means you must agree to be Hypnotized and the Hypnotist must agree to Hypnotize you.

Will I be made to perform embarrassing acts, like I have seen on those Hypnotism Stage Shows?
No, there is a big difference between Stage Hypnotism, and Hypnotherapy. While I do comedy stage shows, the truth is, the people you have seen volunteer to be on stage, allow themselves to participate in the skits and gags, to have fun or fulfill perhaps a desire to perform. Hypnotherapy is a serious process of self-improvement and not entertainment.

Hypnosis comes from "Black Magic" or is "Supernatural".
Hypnosis is a natural state that has been studied scientifically. Hypnotherapists are not Psychics or Palm Readers with "special powers". Hypnotherapy is based on studies dating back to the 1700s with Franz Anton Mesmer, (an Austrian Physician), (mesmerize). Scottish physician, James Braid, in the early 1800s coined the word, "hypnosis", Experimentation with hypnosis in the 1800s played an important role in the early development of Psychiatry and Psychology. Famous psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, provided research to the hypnosis studies.

A serious medical interest in hypnotism developed during both World Wars I and II to treat shell-shocked soldiers. In 1955 the British Medical Association approved hypnosis for the treatment of psychoneurosis and to relieve the pain of childbirth and surgery. In 1958 the Council on Mental Health of the American Medical Association gave hypnotism it's approval.

When I become Hypnotized, will I be able to wake up, or is Hypnosis dangerous?
Hypnosis is very safe and in fact, is a state of hyper-awareness. As we have discussed earlier a person must agree to stay in the hypnotic state and may awaken at any time. You cannot be stuck or remain in hypnosis, and if left alone a person will simply awaken. Every person enters into a state of Hypnosis every day, and actually most people enter Hypnosis many times per day, before falling asleep at night. People enter into "Environmental Hypnosis", without even thinking, while watching TV, driving on the highway, watching a movie, daydreaming about your next days off or even the next vacation, or even reading a book.

Is Hypnosis is a "Miracle Cure"?
While Hypnosis is a relatively rapid method to make permanent improvements, there is no such thing as one-time "Hypno-Miracle"! Every individual is just that an individual and thus make progress at his or her own rate. Be wary of those who make wild claims of overnight success.

Is my therapy confidential?
Absolutely, your Hypnotherapist is bound by the State of Colorado, acts allowed and your Hypnotherapist must be represented on the States Registry, and held by the strictest code of ethics and confidentiality.

When I am Hypnotized, will I lose all sense of my surroundings, and have no memory of the session?
No, Hypnosis is NOT an unconscious state of sleep. In fact, most clients report having a heightened sense of awareness, concentration and focus, and can even hear more acutely during the session. Clients are able to experience Hypnosis at different levels; light, medium and deep. Any level is sufficient to break most habits. The most important factor is your ability to accept and follow suggestions, and your sincere desire for change.

YOUR attitude about reaching your true potential and goals in hypnosis is very important. Good attitudes produce real, Changes in Attitudes.
Expect Success!
Hypnosis Newsletter

In today's crazy world, finding those sweet dreams is hard enough, but how about just helping me get some SLEEP?????
Here are some timely tips to help you find some ZZZZZZs without medications !

Serious sleeping troubles can sometimes result in chronic insomnia, which can have some profound underlying causes, such as breathing problems, or unexplained leg movements during the night. From time to time some of us just have a difficult time just shutting off our mind. If you have been having the problem for over a couple weeks, don't you think it's time to do something about it?

Insomnia ranks right behind a cold, stomach ailments and that well known pain in the head as the reason people go to their MDs. Here are a few ideas that might just give you some help to get the ZZZZs that you really want and need.

You only read a newspaper once, yet people that I have worked with are REPLAYING events over and over again. After a stressful day of worries, just LET THEM GO, by focusing your thoughts on something peaceful and tranquil. Perhaps play some soft, soothing music as you allow yourself to drift off, perhaps you might want locate some sound machine, that produces the sounds of rain, waterfalls, ocean, or crickets chirping. Make sure that the sounds are not distracting but provide you a mental platform of peace and tranquility. Another option is to order our stress reduction, or insomnia CD or mp3 download. They both will allow the mind to calm and sink down to the restful slumber that you desire.

Help for sleeplessness could be as close as the grocery store. Check out these herbs. Valerian. This is perhaps the best researched herbal sleep aid. The research points out that the extracts of the root will not only help you fall asleep faster but it also improves your sleep quality. You may want to experience taking this herb 35-45 minutes before you go to bed. Check the bottle for the typical dosage, or talk with a Pharmacist for the dosage amount and the brand that is best for you.
Melatonin. This is another OTC tablet that promotes rest. It has been reported that as we age our Melatonin levels drops. Vanderbilt University, has done studies on the effects of melatonin, that should probably be explored prior to use. However it appears to have some positive side effects other that a restful nights sleep.
KAVA KAVA. When sleeplessness results from anxiety, this herb is particularly effective. Studies suggest that kava kava promotes sleep by acting upon the brain's emotion centers and by relaxing the muscles. Again check with your Pharmacist for dosage and additional details.
Chamomile. This is a bright daisy-like flower, that has a long standing reputation for calming nerves and gently aiding sleep. It also comes in tea form but be careful with those liquids, I don't have to tell you why, do I?

As odd as this sounds as we grow older, our body requires less sleep. Most newborn babies will sleep up to 16-18 hours per day. When the reach 8-10 years old, their requirement for sleep drops usually to 9-10 hours.
While experts agree that there is no "normal" amount of sleep for an adult. The average is 7-8 hours. I know people that get by on much less and some who need a lot more. What our challenge is to be aware of what fits our body the best.
I challenge my clients to go to bed when you are tired. If you don't fall asleep in the first 10-20 minutes, get up and do something that does not engage significant thoughtful activity, watch an old black and white TV show or movie, read a not very stimulating magazine article. Stay away from the computer or work. As soon as you feel drowsy, go back to bed. If you can't sleep again do the same procedure until you can sleep. Get up at the same time the next morning and most every morning.

Your bed and your bedroom are for two things, sleep and well "something else", If you want to go to bed be prepared to sleep...If there is something else to do you won't concentrate on sleep. TVs should NOT be in your bedroom, Your bed is not your talk on the phone location, never argue in your bed with your spouse or loved one, and the bedroom is not your kitchen for meals. All of these activities create a, "trigger" to stay awake, so do yourself a favor and keep the bedroom for sleeping and something else.

Ok, I'll say it if you are of legal age and or consenting adults, and you can't sleep, this is the "something else", for many it is both pleasurable and physically relaxing to get intimate with your bedroom partner prior to sleep. Researchers have found that hormonal mechanisms are triggered during sexual activity that help enhance sleep. This at times depends on the person, but it is worth a try. If sexual activity causes anxiety or creates problems, it would not be such a good idea. But if you and your partner are the ones who find it enjoyable, it might just be the "sleep aid", that you are looking for.

Researchers have found that bright lights in the morning could assist poor sleepers to help set their biological clocks, or "body clocks", to achieve a more regular sleep pattern. Researchers reported that when test subjects woke up in the morning, they found that the test subjects had a difficult time getting started. The other test subjects woke up at the same time and were subjected to full spectrum high intensity lights for a few hours for several weeks, and were found to appear to function much better than the group without the light therapy. At home you may be able to accomplish the same effect by taking a walk or sitting out in the morning sun, or perhaps accomplishing some early morning yard work. During the winter consult your Doctor or perhaps a lighting store, or even check on the internet for some new full spectrum florescent bulbs.

If you really want something to eat before bedtime, (1-2 hours before), perhaps a small piece of fruit or a glass of warm milk. Avoid sugary snacks and caffeine that would excite your system, also don't have heavy meals that would stress your body and digestive system. Use common sense, also avoid lots of fluids for obvious reasons.

Do you have a mate that snores? Check with your Dentist about a devise like a bite splint that allows air to flow unrestricted in the airways and viola, no more snoring. Earplugs can assist in blocking out environmental noises, especially if you live near a busy street, airport, or train tracks. Eye-shades can screen out unwanted light. You may also want to try a low EMF, (electro magnetic field), electric blanket. You can use it all night or just to warm the bed before you slide in at night.

Coffee, (even decaffeinated), colas and chocolate contain some caffeine, the powerful stimulant can keep you up, so do not consume them after 4 p.m. Also stop smoking, the nicotine is also a stimulant, and tobacco that makes up cigarettes contain over 3500 chemicals and compounds including other stimulants and sugar. Not to mention your risk of "PERPETUAL SLUMBER"! Another option is to order our STOP SMOKING SERIES, in CD or mp3 download format. Get on the path to becoming a healthier you, not to mention the savings realized in not having to be compelled to buy smoking materials and the reduction of future health care costs.

The harder you try to sleep, the greater the chance you will end up frustrated and tired all night, rather than getting the ZZZZs you need. That is why it is important that you completely relax when in bed and only associate the bedroom with the two things mentioned above. One problem that we see in our Clients is that they TRY to sleep, and work too hard. Have you ever been told that someone with TRY to do something, or show up at a party or the kids will try to clean their rooms. (TRY IS IMPLIED FAILURE). You have set yourself up for not SLEEPING when you TRY. That's why we put together the CD and mp3 download, (GETTING THE ZZZZs YOU NEED). When used as directed, this powerful information will relax you and send you down into a deep and relaxing slumber.

Here are a couple of techniques that might also help.
Focus on your breathing and just notice yourself breathing in and out and how good it feels. Practice during the day so it is easy to do when you are in bed at night. Our Clinic clients have been taught EYE LOCK AND purposeful, BREATHING, call our office for more information. Program yourself to shut off your mind, our CDs and mp3s will help. Counting sheep just gets boring sometimes.

Certain medications like asthma sprays, may disrupt sleep. It has been found that for many women hormone replacement therapy may have some devastating effects on sleep, et al. If you just started taking prescription medication, and having a hard time sleeping, contact your Doctor, have he or she determine if your medication may be interfering with your sleep they may have another medication that does not have a side effect that sleep. If not perhaps the Doctor will allow you to adjust the time you take medication further away from your bedtime.

Sleeplessness is often caused by stress, a person gets into bed and their minds starts racing with all types of self chatter, that impairs the ability to b able to relax themselves to SLEEP. Many times the bedroom itself triggers a sleepless response. The a person should look at their bedroom with a "NEW SET of EYES", looking to make the bedroom as much of a comfortable setting as you could imagine. Many people spend an incredible amount of money redecorating their home and fail to look at the room that can control their rest, tranquility, peacefulness, and sex life.

Perhaps, look at a really comfortable bed. It doesn't matter if its water or inner springs, vibrating, foam or a mat on the floor. If it feels good to you and your mate, use it. Wear loose fitting sleep clothing, or none, based upon your and comfort. Make sure the temperature is just right for you.

And, I can't tell you how many clients have told me how many times they got up at night and exactly what times; down to the minute. Be sure there is no clock within your view that can distract you. Unless you REALLY need to know that you got up and went to the bathroom at 2:47am and 31 seconds.