19 Old Town Square  Fort Collins, Colorado 80524  Phone: 970-222-6668
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About Ed
Edward Rupert, CHT, CSH

Certified Hypnotherapist through:

  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
  • Dr. Honea’s BYI Hypnosis 
  • Breakthrough Institute
  • Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis
  • Transformational Hypnotherapy Association
  • Silver Institute of Scientific Hypnosis
  • International Board of Clinical Practitioners.
  • FCHypnotists (Fellowship Of Christian Hypnotists)
Ed is also an active member of the "National Federation of Hypnotists" and the "Colorado Association of Psychotherapists", Also Edward also is the staff Hypnotherapist for Emergency Responder Trauma Counselors.

Ed has been awarded the prestigious Red Cross of Hutt for his humanitarian efforts. Edward is an author, lecturer and entertainer and has been involved in the Emergency Medical, Law Enforcement, Water Rescue and Fire Fighting careers most of his life. Edward also serves on the Advisory Board representing a Safehouse for survivors of domestic violence.


"Hypnosis for Birthing, who would have thought? Your caring manner and professionalism was amazing the delivery of our daughter was calm and peaceful, a wonderful experience, My OBGYN was amazed, THANK YOU.. ED"
- Tiffany Simon, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Your professionalism and ensuring my comfort with the entire process, allowed me to RELAX , TRUST and TAKE THE RIDE! It was an Enlightening AND impactful EXPERIENCE, I'M STILL NOT EATING SWEETS EVEN AFTER 7 MONTHS!!!!"
- Tim C, Sidney, Australia

"Ed, I sometimes have to PINCH myself to make sure that this is real. I know I still don't understand what happened, but it has been wonderful and freeing. The mantle of hurt and pain that infiltrated my being has been lifted. That is so unimaginably freeing. I have noticed that the racing in my head has settled down and disappeared. Each and every day I wake up with a wonderful new freedom."
- Jeaneen N, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Ed, just wanted you to let you know that I have really noticed a POSITIVE CHANGE, since our session.. Thank you so much!! I know I will benefit from a second session to clear up some past life issues."
- Chris, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Ed, 5 months and still counting, I really am a NON-SMOKER, and I feel GREAT. I have sent many people to you to help them feel as good as I do. I just bought myself a new AUDI as my own gift, MY WIFE IS SO EXCITED, I owe it all to you.."
- Gary, Fort Collins, Colorado 
"I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate all of your sweet and encouraging affirmations about the amazing changes I've gone through, your unconditional acceptance and support, and the opportunity to connect with you. All are very precious to me, you have helped ignite my HOPES and DREAMS. With affection and GRATITUDE."
- Niki, Fort Collins, Colorado

"My motivation has gone through the roof... I am so excited to see what I am going to accomplish next year. Thank you so Much..! "
- Adam K, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Ed, each time I've seen you, I've walked away with little to NO PAIN in my right leg. The same thing happened to me when last I saw you. What's up with that?"
- Megan, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Ed, since our session, I have stopped kicking myself around about my husband who left me. I am ready to move on, and am looking forward to a new and exciting future."
- Claudia, Fort Collins, Colorado

" I know you said that I will be able to see a clear path before me, but I am so excited to see what this year has to offer! Ed you have been a blessing to both myself and my family, I can't thank you enough."
- Rick, Greeley, Colorado

"Since I was a child, I have ALWAYS been afraid of groups of people! It had placed a real strain between my husband and me. Since our session, Ed, I have become the life of the party, "JUST LIKE YOU SAID", my husband is so excited and our marriage is ...well "MUCH BETTER", ;-) "THANK YOU ED!!!!!."
- Gloria B, Loveland, Colorado
“Ed is very professional and helped me immensely with a lengthy bout of insomnia. He is a very genuine, smart and sincere person. I am constantly recommending him to my patients.”
Somer King DPT

"Ed has worked with many of my patients and I have received uniformly positive comments on his work. Several of them have been literally cured of their problems (that I wasn't able to help them with medically) after only one hypnotherapy session. I recommend Ed with great enthusiasm. Thanks for taking such awesome care of my patients. They love you."
Mike Towbin MD

“Ed has a wide and versatile background that helps him succeed in helping people with their difficulties whatever they may be. His experience not only in the field of Hypnotherapy but also in the area of law enforcement, fire fighting and emergency medicine, has given him an insight that not many people get, much less use to help others, in the field of Hypnotherapy.

My 15 year old niece suffered from seizures and was averaging 2-3 seizures a week in school. Since seeing Ed, she has not had ANY seizures. We are very excited and grateful to Ed for his valuable help, knowledge and encouragement for our entire family. What she learned from Ed she will be able to take with her the rest of her life and use the techniques to continue to help her deal and any and all of life’s struggles. Ed is truly a genuine caring person. I would HIGHLY recommend Ed to my dearest family member of friend. Ed will help the person until they succeed in overcoming whatever struggles they may have. I thank God for Ed’s talents and gifts.”
Sincerely, JoAnne W